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Action for a Cleaner Tomorrow Sample Lesson
"Natural or Not?"
DHEC's Champions of the Environmental Grants PalmettoPride Education Grants
DHEC's K-12 School Recycling Grants USDA's Farm to School Grants
Environmental Education in South Carolina Grants  
Lesson Resources
Can you dig it? Natural or Not?
Can I compost this? Pictures Additional Lesson Materials
Compost Stew  
Composting for Kids Slide Show Oil & Water Don't Mix
DO THE ROT THING: A Teacher’s Guide to Composting Lesson Photographs/Cartoon
  DHEC's S.C. Solid Waste Management Annual Reports
Classroom Composting
Composting with Worms Population & Garbage
DHEC’s "Compost it! Don’t waste it!" Guide Population Estimates
DHEC’s Smart Gardener Handbook Population & Garbage Student Activity Page
Highfields Center for Composting's Teaching Guide Video - Reducing Solid Waste
Video - Composting for Kids
  Recycle it!
Crayon Trash Stash DHEC's Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling
Traditional Color Wheel Kids Love 2 Learn
Video - Michael Recycle Recyclable Items Student Handout
  Recycle Cycle Student Handout
Every Piece of Litter Counts Recycle Games
Keep South Carolina Beautiful Recycle Guys Theme Song
Lesson Litter Survey Sort, Save, Recycle! Teacher Resource
PalmettoPride Sustainablog
The Wartville Wizard Video - Toss it Baby Song
  Waste Scenario Cards
Hazardous Household Waste
Common Hazardous Household Products Worksheet Recycling at School: A Valuable Lesson
DHEC's Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling Composting: A Guide for South Carolina Schools
Home Safe Home Student Handout DHEC's Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling
ToxMystery EPA's Learning and Teaching About the Environment
Video - Poison Control Center: STOP! Ask First Recycling: A Guide for South Carolina Schools
Video - Science ISU: Chemical Safety At Home Video - Jack Johnson's The 3 R’s Song
Video - Scott Green - Household Hazardous Wastes Waste Audit Student Worksheet
What’s in Your House? Student Worksheet (bottom half)
  Recycling: It's an Energy Issue
I Spy Garbage Energy in Waste Analysis Student Handout
Additional Lesson Materials Energy in Waste Scenerios Student Handout
DHEC's S.C. Solid Waste Management Annual Reports Environmental Effects of Resource Use Student Handout
The Economic Impact of the Recycling Industry in SC Video - The Surprising Places We Waste Energy
Let’s Talk Trash Student Worksheet Video - What really happens to the plastic you throw away?
My Garbology Website
RecycleMoreSC Today's Forecast
School of Recycling Reference Card Air Quality Index (AQI) Toolkit for Teachers
Video - Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout DHEC's Spare the Air / B2 Breathe Better Campaign
  Smog City 2 Virtual Simulation
Learning About Landfills Video - Nat Geo Kids' Wonder About the Weather
Create a Mini-Landfill Student Activity Page Video - The Rain Came Down
Landfill Layers Diagram Video - The Wind Blew
Landfills and Landfill Construction Video - Thunderstorms Affect Air Pollution
DHEC's S.C. Solid Waste Management Annual Reports Weather Log Student Worksheet
Trash Timeline Activity
Trash Timeline Activity Cards Teacher Resource When They're Gone, They're Gone
  Additional Lesson Materials
Musical Resources Video - The Flocabulary’s Natural Resources
Additional Lesson Materials
Musical Resources Activity Sheets Why waste food?
Video - Natural Resources Brainpop Jr. Cafeteria Waste Activity Sheet
What can recycled items become? Lesson Board Coastal Carolina – Sustain Coastal
What can recycled items become? Student Handout Don’t Waste Food SC! Campaign
  Save The Food Campaign
My Bag Video - Food Waste: A Story of Excess
Bagging Trash Match Game Student Activity Page Video - Making Food Waste History
Video - How Much Trash Do You Make in a Week? Your Fridge & Food Safety Tip Sheet
Action Annual Report S.C. Solid Waste Management Annual Reports
School of Recycling Card Science Fair Project Guidebook
Recycling Activity and Coloring Books School Recycling Guide
Compost at Home Fact Sheet School Composting Guide
S.C. Smart Gardener Handbook Environmental Club Guide
PalmettoPride Coloring Book Used Motor Oil Recycling Tool Kit (coming soon)
Take Action Today Workshop Presentations
Champions of the Environment S.C. Farm-to-Institution Program
Don't Waste Food SC S.C. Green Steps Schools
PalmettoPride S.C. Science Standards & Correlations
Project Learning Tree  
Recycling in South Carolina PalmettoPride
Meet the Recycle Guys! PalmettoPride Education Grants
School Supplies - Shop Green! PalmettoPride Kid's Page
S.C. Recycling Data and Reports Recycle Here App
Champions of the Environment Where to Recycle in South Carolina






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